Build your business with the right freelance real estate writer

Professional Real Estate Copywriting

If you are in a business built around homes — a real estate agent, designer, architect, contractor or artisan — you already know that you need marketing copy that gets to the heart of the matter, communicates clearly and concisely, captures interest, and in the process, brings you new clients and saves you time and money.

But growing your business goes beyond your brilliant work, since almost everyone begins their search for products and services like yours online. Not only does your print marketing material need to show you in the best light possible, but you also need web copy that makes you stand out from the pack.

Outstanding Content That Helps You Stand Out

Today, you want web and print content that drives sales; you want great brochures, attention-getting descriptive copy, verbal walk-throughs to accompany your graphics and photos, newsletters and blog posts that your prospective clients will find helpful, and press releases that media will pick up and print. Then, there’s a wealth of useful resources — white papers, case studies, e-books and other informative marketing materials — that might suit you to convey your expertise and unique ideas to gain new costumers.

When you hire me, you get a freelance real estate writer who has been around the block, with more than 25 years of editorial and marketing experience specifically focused on your world, a writer who can deliver copy in a tone tailored to your unique audience.

If you require a writer with a thorough understanding of real estate, you’ve come to the right place. Email me today at